The CTAP Coaching Vision

Church planting in the 21st Century is marked by an ever-changing landscape. This fast pace of change demands that leaders be agile in their ability to assess situations and adjust, and coaching uniquely helps today’s leader navigate these challenges. Coaching creates forward momentum and provides accountability and a framework for just-in-time learning as individuals, groups and teams develop new skills and approaches to their church, their communities and in their personal lives.

The Goal

The goal is to train and deploy 150 coaches across the Asia Pacific by 2022

The Strategy

We believe there is a need to establish a coaching system in each context and we will need to use the following 3 phase strategy.


This includes an initial conversation with stakeholders. Explaining the what and why of coaching and an investigation of contextual issues. This normally takes up to 2 days.

This document explains the type of people we are looking for as coaches and the competencies they need.


This includes initial and ongoing training. An example of the training programme can be found here.


This includes the deployment of coaches, ongoing training, development and accountability.

What is next?

Talk with the CTCAP Coaching Catalyst Rev Roger Bray to assess where your coaching system is up to.