Coach Training

  • Step 1 – Assessment

    In order to understand your needs and to contextualise the training, please complete this assessment.

  • Step 2 – Pre Preparation

    Prior to our training could you please view and read the following


  • Step 3 – Online meeting

    Before our first two training days, we would like to meet with you online. This serves two purposes,

    1. It helps us become familiar with Zoom, the video conferencing tool that we use in our training.
    2. It gives us an opportunity to meet each other prior to the training.
  • Step 4 –  Training Part A – 2 Days

  • Step 5 – Thrihorts

    This occurs in-between Part A and Part B of the training. This requires three people to meet with trainers six times online. In these online meetings, people will coach each other and receive feedback.

  • Step 6 – Coaching Practice

    After the third meeting of the trihorts, we require that each coach trainee find someone to coach for six sessions. Please record each session here.

  • Step 7 –  Training Part B – 2 Days

  • Step 8 – Assessment & Certification

    • When you have finished Step 6 please see that these surveys are completed.
    • For the Coachee
    • For the Coach

To be certified you will need to have completed all the above steps.